Current Show

2018 Revue Show

When life hands you lemons, as they say, make lemonade! Sadly, we did not get enough actors to produce Once Upon A Mattress this summer. Instead, this is going to give us an opportunity to do something we’ve long wanted to do. Rather than doing a book musical, we will put together our own revue show, giving our cast an extraordinary opportunity to perform musical numbers from a variety of shows – even more than they would in an ordinary book musical! It will be a challenging and creative endeavor.


Rehearsals will begin in June. Regular rehearsals typically take place weekly with the following schedule:

  • Sunday 1pm-5pm
  • Note: Sunday rehearsals will end at 4pm until the school year ends
  • Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 7-10pm
  • Note: Weekday rehearsals will end at 9pm until the school year ends

Parent and Cast Orientation Meeting

There will be a mandatory cast/parent orientation meeting on Tuesday, May 22  from 7pm – 9pm at St. Mark Lutheran Church

  • A check made out to SMLC/TKP for either $150 or $250 will be required at this meeting if your child is cast in the production. Note: if the fee is an impediment to participation, please call Jan Scott at 847/204-9764 about scholarship opportunities. All financial assistance will be handled discreetly.
  • The Parent/Guardian Volunteer Interest Form will be due at this meeting. It is the  last page included in the 4-page Audition Form.